President message
In 2007-08 Policy Address entitled “A New Direction for Hong Kong”. The Chief Executive of HK SAR Government indicated that more resources will be devoted to health services in view of the rising demand from an ageing population. One of the direction is to “Enhance Primary Health Care” service in the community. It is believed that development of community healthcare is not only a global macro-trend but a major direction of both Mainland and Hong Kong’s healthcare system.

Training has always been one of the main strategic developments in Nursing field. The newly developed Provisional Hong Kong Academy of Nursing (PHKAN) with the corporate direction in promoting and sharing of knowledge and best practices both clinically and management wise through various mode such as training seminars, hospital visits.

I am proud to announce the inauguration of “The Hong Kong Association of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Nurses” on Jan 2013, which signifies an important leap in the development of Primary Health Care Nursing in the past 10 years. After many years of hard work, it is time to make a tribute to the nurses practicing the Primary Health Care Nursing. It also symbolizes an important milestone in our quest for sustainable excellence of primary health care services and has profound meaning for manifestation of our determination in fostering a lifelong learning culture.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the unfailing support by PHKAN and HK College of Community and Public Health Nurse. In particular, I would also like to pay tribute to all our council members for their devotion and dedication in realization of our dream to provide a valuable and interactive platform for training and development of our nurses working in primary health care settings.

We look forward to seeing you in our activities and educational programmes.

Jimmy WONG (Mr.)

Hong Kong Association of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Nurses